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Is Drug price control the best solution

Ranjit Shahani, MD & VC, Novartis India has rightly said that Price cap on drugs are proving counterproductive. He has told that to ensure equal access to health care, the government must consider it in a holistic manner and improve all parameters and not pursue the price control agenda only. Studies concluded that price controls do not improve access to medicines. This reduces the competitiveness of mid-segment and smaller players. Higher margin pressures on mid-size companies reduce R&D, investment and employment opportunities for an ever-growing potential workforce. Price control negatively impacts capacity building initiatives and discourages local talent development. As India aspires to provide quality health care for all, our government must consider health care access in a holistic manner and ensure improvement on all parameters. The focus must shift from controlling prices to collaboratively advancing a common agenda for healthcare needs of the citizens.
-From Pankaj Goyal